Joshua Weiner

Joshua Weiner
Postdoctoral Researcher

Thayer School of Engineering
Dartmouth College
14 Engineering Dr
Hanover, NH 03755

Lab: 603 646 6341



BS University of New England
PhD Dartmouth College

Research Summary

Antibody function is derived from the culmination of both specific antigen recognition by its Fv domain, as well as the antibody’s effector mediating, Fc domain. My interests lay in the further development of characterization of these Fc domains in clinically relevant patient populations (i.e. vaccine trial groups). To this end, we have developed an "on bead" assay for the isolation of antibody’s with specific Fv recognition from complex mixtures (i.e. patient serum) which can be simultaneously analyzed for Fc identification. With a team of collaborators (at both Dartmouth and the Ragon Institute), we can also characterize glycan modifications in the Fc region, and then build correlational and predictive models which can then be utilized to steer clinical vaccine development.

Specifically, within the laboratory, my overarching goal is the development and implementation of an independent laboratory which is solely focused on the processing of clinical samples. To this end, I am preparing documentation related to Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP); overseeing the transfer of assay and equipment to GCLP laboratory; initiating GCLP laboratory sample handling, storage, and assays; recruiting staff to operate the Fc array assay; and finally performing optimization, standardization, qualification, and initiating validation studies.