people - Alumni


Postdoctoral Researchers

Ashley Bray
BS University of Vermont


Karen Dowell
BS University of California at Berkeley
PhD University of Maine at The Jackson Laboratory
(joint with Prof. Bailey-Kellogg in Computer Science)


Ali Emileh
BS, Tehran Polytechnic
MS, Tarbiat Modares University
PhD Drexel University


Sebastian Grimm
BS, MS Technical University of Munich
PhD Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Molecular Partners


Dylan Guerin
BS University of New England


Shu LIn
BS Peking University
PhD University of Pennsylvania
Postdoc Princeton


Chanc VanWinkle Orzell
BS Kansas State University
Vermont Agriculture and Environmental Laboratory


Christopher Remmel
BA University of California Los Angeles
MM Chicago College of Performing Arts


Cassidy Riekofski
BS Clarkson University
MS Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University


Sean Taylor
BS BS McGill University
University of Vermont(MD)

Graduate Students

Pranay Bharadwaj
BS Vellore Institute of Technology
MS Brandeis University
Boehringer Ingelheim


Eric Brown
BS Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD Dartmouth


Austin Boesch
BS University of New Hampshire
MS Tufts University
PhD Dartmouth


Ying Nei Chan
BS Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS Dartmouth


Hao Derek Cheng
BS, Wuhan University
PhD Dartmouth
Occulo Bio


Thach Ty Chu
BS, University of Rochester
Myeloid Therapeutics


Andrew Crowley
BS Holy Cross
Ward Lab, University of Southampton


Casey Hua
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD Dartmouth
Geisel School of Medicine


Jennifer Lai
BS Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Flagship Pioneering


Kyle Morrison
BS Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Treeline Biosciences


Harini Natarajan
BS Wellesley College


Arijit Paul
BS Indian Institute of Technology


Srivamshi Pittala
BS Indian Institute of Information Technology
MS Dartmouth College
co-advised with Prof. Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Computer Science
Occamz Razor


Nana Yaw Osei-Owusu
BS, University of Maryland
MS Dartmouth

Undergraduate Students

Michaela D. Helble
Engineering, Dartmouth College
Biochemistry, Bowdoin College

J. Hunter Kappel
Engineering, Dartmouth College

Ellen Kim
Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College

Michaela E. LeDoux
undeclared major, Dartmouth College

Weijie Lin
Biological Sciences

Zonia R. Moore
Romance Language Studies, Dartmouth College

Meghan Muse
Biology, Dartmouth College

Erica Normandin
Engineering, Dartmouth College
Undergraduate Thesis, 2015

Maame Afua O. Ofori
Engineering, Dartmouth College
Undergraduate Thesis, 2014

Haley Richards
Undeclared major, Dartmouth College

Bryan Rogers
Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College

Julio Suarez III
Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College
Undergraduate Thesis, 2016

Hannah C. Wastyk
Biochemistry and Neuroscience, University of Delaware

Anthony Yifeng Zhao
Engineering, Dartmouth College

Research Staff

M. Gilman
BS University of Maine
MS University of Maine
PhD Candidate, McLellan Lab, Dartmouth College

Molly Housman
BS University of Colorado, Boulder
MS Dartmouth College

Harini Natarajan
BS, Wellesley College